Dyeing 3D prints is a new area we are currently working on. First tests with EOS- and HP-Prints are very satisfying and promising  (see example above).

The ultrasound supports the adhesion of the ink pigments on the surface of the printed media.

Unsere Färbetests wurden mit Textilfärbemitteln namens Dypro(früher Dylon)durchgeführt (Bezugsquelle PATIN-A SHOP GmbH – www.patin-a.de)

  • Dyeing time approx 1 hour (dark colours might take a bit longer)
  • Temperature 80° C
  • Testet with EOS- & HP-Prints
  • Basket Volume from 20 Liter
  • Multiple usage of dyeing liquid
  • System cost from approx. € 4.800,-  (20-Liter-System)